Latitude S 43° 12′ 43″ / Longitude W 71° 51′ 32″

Uman Lodge is located within Fundo La Confluencia, in Futaleufú, Los Lagos Region, Patagonia, Chile.

It can be accessed from Argentina by crossing the Cordillera through the Río Futaleufú International Pass that joins Trevelin with Futaleufú, with a total distance of 98 km from the Esquel airport to the Lodge. It is possible to get to Esquel with regular Aerolíneas Argentinas flights.


From Chile there are several options:


▶ Traveling the bimodal route that connects Puerto Montt or Castro with Chaitén, and then by land 150 km away from Chaiten to Uman Lodge. It is possible to reach Puerto Montt and Castro with regular LAN flights.


▶ You can also fly from Santiago to Puerto Montt. Change to La Paloma airport and fly to Chaiten with Aerocord or Pewen. Aerocord also operates charters to the Futaleufú aerodrome which is located 3km from Uman Lodge.


▶ Another option is by land from Puerto Montt, traveling north and taking the Cardenal Samoré International Pass that connects Osorno with Bariloche, and then entering from Esquel.

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Fundo La Confluencia S/N, Comuna de Futaleufú, Región de los Lagos, Chile

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