Enjoy the Experience

Futaleufú offers a wide range of activities that allow guests of all ages to find suitable options at different levels of difficulty and adrenaline. Come and choose the experience that best suits you.


An adrenaline "rush"

Embark on an exciting rafting adventure challenging the waters of the most beautiful rivers in Chilean Northern Patagonia.

Don't forget to bring a bathing suit, sunscreen, and for the coldest ones, a first layer of fine synthetic fiber clothing.


A family adventure

Discover the true essence of a family adventure while kayaking, creating unforgettable memories with each stroke.

As in rafting, don't forget to bring a bathing suit, sunscreen and a first layer of thin synthetic fiber clothing if you are usually very cold.

Fly Fishing

Dive into the exciting world of fly fishing, with an experience specially designed according to your previous knowledge. Explore the rivers in the area while enjoying the technique and excitement of this sport.


Don't forget to bring sunglasses, your camera and sunscreen

We can include a fishing rod, reel, flies, fishing license, waders and fishing shoes.

Horseback riding on Lake Espolón

An unforgettable ride, with majestic views of Lake Espolón. Enjoy a unique connection with nature and create memories that will last forever.


Don't forget to bring sunscreen, pants, suitable shoes and a camera!!

Trekking and Bird Watching

Incredible walks of different durations and intensities for all tastes and levels.

Don't forget to bring your camera, sunscreen and appropriate shoes.


Come and enjoy the activities of a Patagonian farm

Tour with us the organic garden, fruit cultivation, cattle raising, private beach, lagoons, trails to walk.

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